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 Height:1,544 mts.
 In this place you can watch the whole valley, from side to side, and the small volcanoes of the Department ofJutiapa.

Liza Vielman


This volcano is also known as "Cerro de las Flores" and is located in the town ofJutiapa, Department ofJutiapa. It has a height of 1544 meters.

The Amayo volcano is formed with basaltic lava. In some places, small caves were formed due to the lava that ran each time the volcano erupted. These caves have an approximate length of 10 meters.

While you climb into the volcano, you will watch corn crops and if one of the children that lives there guides you, ask him where is the "huella del Diablo" (the devil's footprint) that supposedly he left on his way to the summit.

If you are interested in taking panoramic pictures of this volcano, it is advisable to go to the town of Quezada, at a distance of one kilometer, where you will look at this volcanic mass in its entire splendor.



-This place is very hot so it is advisable to bring at least two liters of water, a couple of sandwiches and fruit. Due to its closeness with the village of Los Esclavos, you can eat in the different dining rooms and restaurants that are located in this area.
-In spite of the hot weather, it is better to use jeans to avoid scratching your legs. Besides, remember to bring with you a cap and comfortable shoes.



Interesting Tourist Areas:

Town of Quezada

This is the old property that belonged to the family of the Guatemalan writer José Milla y Vidaurre, also known as Pepe Milla.

The government of Guatemala acquired this land in 1886 to divide it among those who also had a piece of ground in the area. It is located 2 kilometers from the road.

Puente Los Esclavos (Bridge of the Slaves)

In your way back to Guatemala you will cross the bridge of Los Esclavos that according to the legend was built by the devil himself in 1592. The Devil made a deal with the slaves to keep their souls if he built the bridge. The Devil finished the bridge but the slaves did not kept their word, so with anger he kicked one of the parts of the bridge and a piece fall down. They say that is the reason why each time they repair it, the piece falls back again.

How to get there:

Take the road that leads toJutiapaand in the kilometer 111 take the detour to the left (if you are coming from Guatemala City). Ask if that is the road to the settlement El Aguacate and continue your trip for approximately other seven kilometers. It's an unpaved road in good conditions. In this place park your vehicle and ask the help of one of the residents to serve as guide.

If you travel by bus, take one that goes to the town ofJutiapaand get down in the entrance to the settlement El Aguacate. To come back, take the bus in the paved road.

The climbing time to the peak is two hours and the descending time is one hour and a half.

Photography: Liza Vielman