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Antigua Guatemala

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El Chol - Baja Verapaz - english

Its topography includes valleys, mountains, and hills of high and low height, which provide different wáter flows and rivers througout the regions.

El Chol has a warm weather.  However, during Summer it is very common to find small rivers, Little cascades and fresh water springs aside from the South/North road.

Its economy is based in agriculture, specially with harvests of mango, pink hibiscus, tamarind, and citrus fruits such as oranges, tangerines, and lemons; in addition to beans, corn, and coffee.

Just like other warm regions with water flows, it counts with a wide variety of birds, including the national symbol: the resplandent Quetzal.

Among its costumes and celebrations, the folkloric dance of the deer (El Venado ) is widely known.

The Temple
Its main architectural attractive is located in the urban center with its park, city hall, and curch with colonial characteristics.  It has a vault of 50 meters of lenght with antique pictures and a decorative frontal arch at the entrance.
At one side of the road, one may find lodging options and some minutes towards South, one may also find a quiet rivel of cristal waters.

El Chol has also been recognized not only by its natural resources and folklore, but also because it has a peaceful atmosphere that makes the place one of the most quiete places in the country.

Location of El Chol
El Chol is located a few kilometers away from Guatemala City, towards North, bordering Baja Verapaz.

Despite the proximity with the capital city, it does not count with the best access, due to the fact that almost the whole road is made of dirt.  Some spaces are difficult to transit due to the road configuration.

The turn named Ojo de Agua (The Water  Eye) is not open as it suffered a landslide.

The route from the Atlantic road towards Rabinal is easier to drive, despite the weather because it is completely paved (except from the chunk that goes from Rabinal to  El Chol).

However, if the visitor decides to drive the routes of dirt, he may consider to have a well-equipped car, as there are no gas stations within this path.

Pictures and text by: Héctor Roldán