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Antigua Guatemala

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El Progreso Guastatoya, Relaxing and Recreational

Guastatoya is the main city of the department of El Progreso.  It is an urban city located at the highway side and constitutes, due to its infrastructure and facilities, an excellent spot for relaxation in the East route of Guatemala.
As part of a resting place during the road trip
Due to its proximity to Guatemala City, other touristic destinies, besides its infrastructure and facilities offered, El Progreso is an ideal spot to stop by, whether for business, rest, or family recreation.

Right at the entrance to the town, one may enjoy sugar cane juice, totally natural and refrigerated to refresh the visitor from the heat of the region. 

There are also handcrafts and homemade bread with local recipes.  As well, there are many dairy products available for shopping.

Driving down toward the main city, one may find a variety of restaurants which specialize in beef cuts, seafood, and local cuisine. 

Previous to the center of Guastatoya, the visitor may see the Aquatic Park of Guastatoya and the firefighter station.

To stay…
There are many hotels that suit every budget, from traveling hotels (with basic facilities and space) to family hotels with pool, entertainment, and personal service.


Most of the hotels are located around the Central Park or a few meters from it.  El Progreso Guastatoya and its versatility make of it a flexible destiny both for travelers who go beyond or to spend a family weekend.


Bus station
Its modern and comfortable bus station is located in front of the local market.  It respects order rules which make traveler departures and arrivals absolutely easy.

The urban construction makes it comfortable to walk around town.  However, there are moto- taxis also known “tuc tuc”, which for an accessible price may transport passengers all over Guastatoya.
Guastatoya Aquatic Park
Thanks to its size and variety, it is one of the main touristic and recreational attractions of Guastatoya.  It has three pools including one with family type and for kids, toboggans, restaurants, dressing rooms, showers, and sport areas which may hold championships, as well as a big parking lot.
Its location makes it easy to visit different nearby touristic destinies such as: San Agustín Acasaguastlán, San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán, Playa Dorada in Izabal, and even Quiriguá during the same day.

Reaching El Progreso Guastatoya
The visitor may drive towards the Highway to the Atlantic; which is now known as “Jacobo Arbenz”, towards the northeast of Guatemala Country, through Sanarate and El Rancho (right next to the crossroad towards Verapaces, Cobán, and Salamá).  The entrance is distinguished from the high way, which is well signed.  The main city is also visible from the highway, which after the entrance goes up providing an excellent view of the region.

Two hours and a half to get there
During summer time, the part of the road previous to the entrance of the town presents brilliant colors of the trees named “tabachines” and numerous “flamboyances” which flourish in that time.  Such trees have intense yellow flowers and deep orange flowers.

Text and pictures: Héctor Roldán