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Antigua Guatemala

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Hobbitenango, a walk in the clouds.

Can you imagine being up in the clouds, at a land that is thankful to the world, surrounded by flowers and plans, where you breathe pure air and the shine of the stars lightens the night?

By Erick Chay

I had the opportunity to live this experience not long ago.  Expressing with words the magic of a place surrounded by nature, where the echo of life sounds within, turns out to be difficult.  Therefore, I prefer to share the pictures of such an enriching adventure.

Starting with the pub, that’s a place where it is posible to enjoy a beer, have food harvested at the village and holding a consersation with a fellow adventurer.


The theme of the tales of J. R. R. Tolkien becomes the mood in this place.  The main gate recreates the shire of a Hobbit. From such place the visitor can admire the magnificence of the outoors.


After noon, when the afternoon embraces the sun, this last seduces us with its light down the hill, the landscape is unique.


Sightseeing is an activity that offers the possibility to do it alone, connected to youself or with friends, sharing those things that we all share, the magic of life.


If your choice is to do it in company, you can climb up to the roof, where an incredible sight awaits to be enjoyed while taking a drink or artisan food.


If your thirst for adventure continues and you decide to stay longer, the evening will make you feel you walk through the clouds.  That thin line between day and night will paint a unique landscape, right in front of your eyes.


When the night falls, the weather turns cold.  To keep yourself away from the cold, you may go back to the pub, to the light of the candles and having a hot chocolate and a book, surrounded by a cozy environment with fraternal warmth.


At the plenitude of night, you would not want to lose a dance of stars, planets, and luckily, a meteorite (as I was able to see).


If you decide to camp and stay the night seeing the universo, the clouds prepare to see the majestic dawn, right where everything renews.




How to get there?

There are many ways, but we suggest two:

1. Reach Antigua Guatemala and find a place for your vehicle.  Take the shuttle (transportation), which will take you from 1st North Avenue, in front of the ruins of frente Iglesia Candelaria, towards Hobbitenango.


2. Drive to El Hato Village, leave your car in the pace provided for parking, the Waze app can lead you, you just have to look for “Hobbitenango” and enjoy the way.


Enjoy the pictures of the place and a Price list of the shuttles.



To enjoy the experience to the máximum, we recommend to be prepared for cold weather and use sneakers or hiking shoes.

Curious Data:

Besides being a touristic destination, the owners of the place are engaged to the environment, fighting deforestation of the nearby forests.  In May, the management is planning to do a reforestation activity in which participants are to plant a tree.  This is a vision of an ecological project that is meant to be self-sustained.

For more information visit:


Text and pictures: Erick Chay