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Antigua Guatemala

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More than a good time

It is enough to drive for two hours, by car, or two and a half by bus on the highway to the Atlantic, in order to arrive to a place where the most beautiful species in the nature find a perfect refuge: the spa called Pasabien.

Here, nature takes control to conjugate in one landscape all that an ecology lover visitor wants to find. Pasabien is a mixture of flora, fauna, and abundant water and, of course, warm people that won't get tired of welcoming you.

If it is necessary to highlight the beauty of Pasabien, it is based in its cascades. Although the whole atmosphere that surrounds them is ideal for a pleasant day, alone or in company of the nature that inhabits the place.

Fruit-bearing trees such as nance, mango and pink apple surround the river. In summer time you will find in abundance hill jocote and capulina fruit.

Your contact with nature will begin early. Here you will be able to spend the whole day, the enormous stones won't bore you. If you arrive during the morning's first hours, you will hear the whisper of birds whose sounds mix with the slope of water from the waterfalls. These waterfalls end in small lagoons, ideal to take a peaceful bath for their depth seems to be made for swimmers of all types: beginners, intermediate and professionals.

Stones of all sizes surround the river, but once inside, you will be able to take a bath without the danger of hitting some of them. The stones draw attention due to their texture and size. Most is calcareous, but there are also some made of marble. Also, they are so big that they will allow you and your family to lay down on them to take the sun.

Pasabien is surrounded by vegetation, but also animals of the region that every now and then will cross your way. Among them are the tepezcuintles, pizotes, raccoons and armadillos. You will also see a great quantity of birds such as the cenzontle, the cheje carpenter and the famous bird called Victor. 'The truth is that we don't know the name, but here we baptize it with the name Victor Bird', says Baudilio Franco who has been managing a restaurant in Pasabien for 15 years.

Do not worry for food. In Pasabien you will find huts and restaurants that will offer barbecued steaks, chicken turnovers, hen broth, toasts, pure water, soda pops and as many chips as you may want 'for a bite.' But if you want to make a picnic, there are also special areas with barbecue stoves and tables.

Besides being a spa with recreational means, many people go there for they affirm that its waters have medicinal qualities. This is because in some time of the year the waters of the river become reddish, as result of sarsaparilla bushes that surround the place. Therefore it is common to see a lot of people bathing in its waters and then, later on they go for a walk to pick up a good quantity of branches of this bush used in medicine as sudorific and depurative.

Although the origin of the name is unknown, those who have enjoyed its crystalline waters know that the name Pasabien, which means a good time, is like a ring to the finger. This destination is ideal to enjoy full contact with nature.

To arrive to Pasabien

It is located in the north east side of the country. The highway that leads to this place is paved and under good conditions.

The Pasabien spa belongs to the town of Río Hondo, Zacapa. If you go by means of public transportation from the capital city of Guatemala, you should take a bus that takes you to Teculután, Zacapa and get off in Santa Cruz. From there to the spa there are approximately seven kilometers, you should take the informal transportation that goes to that place.

The fee is one quetzal per person to enter. A few kilometers from Pasabien there are restaurants and hotels. What should you take:
- Insect Repellent.
- Swimming suit.
- Towel.
- Sun glasses.
- Sun Blocking lotion.