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Park Cayalá, instant nature a few minutes from Guatemala City

This park is the center of walks, games, relaxation, resting, family recreation and bird sightseeing.

The paths of this park are surrounded by the green vegetation and its ground is frequently covered by leaves, which return nitrogen to the soil working not only as fertilizer but also as a sunscreen.  

Since 1995

Its complete name is Ecological Park Cayalá and was founded in 1995 by FUNDAECO with the objective of preserving a natural area for recreation to all ages.  It has an area of 14 blocks.

In several points, the paths are covered completely by branches with abundant leaves.  Most of the forest is formed by oak trees.

Walking the park completely may take from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the speed of the individual.  However, birds and minor fauna make the experience so attractive, that staying longer or making sightseeing stops is a wonderful option.

It is possible to appreciate a wide range of species, from Sanates and Pijuis, to woodpeckers, humming birds, fly eaters, falcons, magpies and even eagles of different sizes.  The solitary vireo (yellow bird in the picture) is one of the most common and easiest to observe.

Ever green landscape

The leaves of the trees remain all year long, even in Summer, and protects small species that grow at their shadow.  Some shortcuts within the paths offer walks under the deepest green.


Butterfly home

All year long, different species of butterflies can be observed, from the classic Monarch butterfly to the most exotic ones with brilliant colors ranging from red, yellow, blue and purple.

A wide variety of lizards can also be seen in the bushes.

The paths are adequately signed, not only to guide the visitors but also to explain the different fauna that the different spots count with.

Cayalá Park is frequently the setting of ecological events, trainings, field practice for schools and scout groups.  It has a parking lot and camping area.

It contains garbage stations with the adequate classification cans for recycling and visual aids that explain its importance and process.

Getting to Cayalá Park

This park is located within Guatemala City’s perimeter, on 2.5 Km to Santa Rosita, zone 16.  The visitor must drive from downtown towards Calzada La Paz, usually through zone 5 heading to Blvd. Austriaco.

Entering food for a picnic is allowed in the areas meant for such purpose.

The entrance ticket includes parking and it is of Q5 upon this visit. The park has sanitary services.

The park opens its doors from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 every day, closing only Mondays for cleaning and manteinance matters.