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Botanical Garden of Guatemala

'I never imagined such variety' is a common expression of those who visit the Botanical Garden of Guatemala City.

Monja Blanca Lagoon

Peace, nature, beautiful sights and clear blue sky near Guatemala City.

Urlanta, waterfall of the valley in Jalapa

The rainy season is not a handicap to travel. On the contrary, there are tourist destinations that enhance the winter greening forests and rivers recharging.

Relsease of sea turtles

Releasing baby turtles involves the participation of children and adults in order to support the reproduction of this endangered species.

Archaeological wealth in the middle of Guatemala City

There is no need to travel far to marvel at the Mayan archaeological treasures.

Momostenango Cliffs

A series of whimsical geological formations surprises tourists at Momostenango, Totonicapan in the West.

Casa MIMA, a door to the past in the Historic Center

International Museum of History of Art (CASA MIMA) is a cultural center located in the 8th. Avenue 14-12, Zone 1, Guatemala City.

Recreational park and coffee plantation La Planta

Of easy access and close to the city of Esquipulas, the road to Honduras takes you in a few minutes from that city to the place, located three kilometres away from it.

Numismatic Museum of Guatemala

Money constitutes an exchange value with an obvious economic and important function. Its existence and life in the history of countries goes way beyond its material value: it proudly hides and keeps history and art.

The cable cars and family fun in Amatitlán

The weekend is long waited to take advantage of quality family time, to relax, and to share in an environment that replaces the energy; and Amatitlán is still a destiny that fulfils all these requirements.