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Coffee surrounded by history and variety

The first time newcomers enter the place, they ask themselves if this is a kind of museum, coffee-bar or restaurant, when actually it is all of these.

Manabique, a beautiful place

The green vegetation that grows on the shores and the golden hue of the sand greet us in a place where nature has been more than benevolent. Mario Dary Foundation (Fundary) and tourist operators have invited us to let us explore this paradisiacal national place.

A warm experience in the cold skirts of the Tajumulco

A cup of hot chocolate is the best motivation to continue our trip. The temperature is not more than 3°C.

Encurtidos (sour vegetables preserved in brine vinegar or salt solution), popular delights

These preparations are an old Guatemalan tradition. It is common to see them on the tables of many families, on a modest dining room or on the food sales on fairs. Some of them are spicy others with less flavor, anyway, there are for every taste.

A tradition of altitude

The villagers of Santiago Sacatepéquez and Sumpago, in Sacatepéquez are preparing for the celebration of the Day of the Dead, where they will take their peace messages up to the clouds, showing a new display of art and folklore with their gigantic kites.

Masters of restoration

The indoors of the churches of the Colonial City are true works of art admired by both nationals and foreigners. These master creations, however, would not exist if it not were be for the hands of the artisans who preserve, repair, and make the replicas that the public take pleasure in.

Hotel Uxlabil, a breath of life

The songs of the birds awaken you to a clear blue sky...

Jade, invaluable through time

Guatemala is the nucleus of the Maya World and jade is one of its most coveted articles.

A visit to paradise

Some people call Guatemala 'the window to paradise,' which is no exaggeration, because the country has very varied topography and exuberant vegetation. For this reason, a farm that offers rides through thermal waters in Lake Izabal has adopted the name.

Spiritual Oasis of the West

Adventure, faith and fun with the family and friends join together with nature at Cascadas de Tatasirire ('Cascades of Tatasirire') park in Jalapa.