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Antigua Guatemala

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Punta de Manabique, hidden paradise

Located in the north-eastern part of the country, in the Department of Izabal, Punta de Manabique is a peninsula between the Bay of Amatique and the Gulf of Honduras. The place is considered one of the most beautiful of Guatemala and it covers 50,000 hectares of coastal and interior lands, flooded forests, marshes and open coastal waters.

A Natural Spa In San Marcos

Surrounded by nature, vapor and cold water, the visitors can enjoy a healthy bath and contemplate the landscape of the cave and the Palatzá River in one of the most attractive points in the department of San Marcos.

El Resumidero, at the heart of Santa Ana Huista

The palm trees and stone dolphins that embellish the park herald the warm climate that prevails almost year-long in Santa Ana Huista. The notes of the marimba, the toll of the church bells and the smell of typical dishes and tortillas prove that the village's heart throbs with tradition, devotion and love for the motherland.

Share with nature and have fun

A family weekend can transform into a whole new adventure, when you live it inside a natural environment. Ecological paths, fishing and horse riding are part of the fun that Erhco Park has to offer.

Discover a natural jewel in the south coast

In the ecological reserve Los Tarrales, located in the foothills of the Atitlan Volcano you can enjoy a nice walk or bike tour surrounded by exuberant scenery of green shades, with a singular variety of environments, birds and exotic plants.

The rebirth of San Cristobal el Bajo

This year, Lent celebrations will have a renewed spirit in the town of San Cristobal El Bajo. The devoted residents of this village in Antigua Guatemala have a restored temple, and they can continue venerating the image of Jesus of Humbleness.

Over the mountains

The point of departure is the Ecological Project Quetzal (PEQ for its acronym in Spanish - Proyecto Ecológico Quetzal). After obtaining a pair of rubber boots and the necessary information, we board a small tourist bus going towards Carchá and then continuing to the community of San Lucas.

Do not imagine, go see

As a destiny of its own or a stop in your trip to the east of the country, the cave of Andá Mirá (Go See) reserves a peaceful and harmonious moment for tourists.

Cahabon river, rediscover its natural magic

Either to let you rest with the peaceful atmosphere of a landscape filled with forests, water and birds' singing or to live an adventure with rapid currents, the Cahabon River in Alta Verapaz is the answer.

Land of trees and contrasts

More than taking a trip of 266 kilometers, which is what separates Huehuetenango from the capital city, arriving to this place is like crossing through a curtain of intense green and submerging in a whole new world, worthwhile visiting.