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Destinations on the way to Atitlán

Reaching Atitlan is an additional attraction, since during the tour you can make several stops that allow you to enjoy the local environment.

Atitlán awaits

Clear skies, green forests and blue water mantles wait for you at the foot of volcanoes in Panajachel, on the shores of revitalized Lake Atitlan.

Los Aposentos, Chimaltenango

When people think in Los Aposentos means to think in water, green areas, and delicious food.

A walk through the Property of Café Las Nubes, Esquipulas

It is constantly visited by tourists of different nationalities. Minutes before taking a glimpse from the road, the landscape attracts the attention with a silence that sprouts from the amazing place.

Guatemalan handcrafts

Candles have turned into an important piece in modern decoration. A walk through the city will help you prove that there are more and more places that sell this type of lighting.

Typical flavor in the Historic Center

The traditional Guatemalan cuisine is rich in flavors and textures, colorful and inherited from long time ago; and you can find it in the old area of the urban center.

Small but overwhelming, the Culma Volcano

There are always people who will ask themselves: what are the reasons that motivate people to climb a volcano? Others, motivated by curiosity have become part of the group that has been initiated in the world of mountains, and once on its summit, have found the answers to their questions.

A visit to paradise

Some people call Guatemala 'the window to paradise,' which is no exaggeration, because the country has very varied topography and exuberant vegetation. For this reason, a farm that offers rides through thermal waters in Lake Izabal has adopted the name.

Coconut, plantains and seafood, a delicacy

The garifuna people have given a tremendous cultural contribution to Guatemala, and it is also reflected in its food.

Aguacatán, the birth of life

If your trip takes you to the west of the country, and you happen to be close to Huehuetenango, you can profit from it and meet a different place: Aguacatán.